YGL-135B Crawler Anchor Drilling Machine
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  • IntroductionThe YGL-135B tracked engineering drilling rig is a tracked chassis loading, fully hydraulic driven, and power head drilling rig Mainly suitable for the construction of deep foundation pit anchoring in high-rise buildings, and also suitable for the construction of large tonnage prestressed anchoring holes and drainage holes in geotechnical engineering such as water electricity station engineering, railway, highway slopes, etc; Construction of high-pressure rotary jet grouting guide holes and blasting holes in gravel formations. It can also be applied to anti floating anchoring, indoor building foundation reinforcement, rotary spraying reinforcement, roadbed and dam foundation reinforcement, landslide prevention anchoring, open-air quarrying blasting holes and other engineering projects.

    Technical Parameter
    Model(m) YGL-135B
    Borehole depth(m) 130
    Borehole diameter(mm) Ф110~300
    Drill pipe inclination angle(mm) 10~90°
    Horizontal hole height(m)
    Output speed rpm 25/50;40/80
    High output torque Nm 7500
    Provide progress mm 3500
    Large feeding/pulling force kN 40/60
    Power machine model Firewood
    Electricity Y225M-4/Y180L-4
    Input power Firewood
    Electricity 45+22
    Chassis Model PD135SS
    Overall Dimension(m) 6300*2000*2500
    Drill weight(kg) 6000
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